The War on Cancer

The health care forum War on Cancer Nordics was arranged in Oslo in March.

The female leaders in War on cancer at women’s day 8th of March. Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale (Network member from Oslo University Hospital), Anne Lise Ryel (Norwegian Cancer Society), Elisabeth Jeffords (Roche), Gitte Pedersen (Genomic Expression), Cecilia Halle (Ministy of Health and Social Affairs, Sweden), Anne Kjersti Fahlvik (Norwegian Research Council), Thorunn Rafnar (deCODE genetics, Island).

The Economist arranged health care forum War on Cancer Nordics in Oslo 8th of March. Leading representatives from the Nordic countries discussed the region’s primary challenges in polices, financing and treatment and cancer care. There was a focus on how Nordic countries can work together in order to leverage progress and synchronise their efforts in cancer research and care.

Fabian Bolin, co-founder of, gave insights in experiences of cancer care told from the patient perspective.

The Regional Network for Breast Cancer Research collaborator Professor Gordon Mills from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, USA gave his view on personalized cancer medicine. Professor Mills is one of the world leading scientists in personalized cancer medicine and have published over 700 papers. The Nordic countries has a potential in being world leading in cancer oncology due to the high quality clinical data and registries. The possibilities of big data to transform the health care delivery and take the personalized cancer medicine forward were discussed from several representatives.

Several of the members of the network participated in the seminar.

Vivek Muthu (Chair, The Economist) in discussions with Gordon Mills (MD Anderson, USA), Ulrik Lassen (University of Copenhagen), Giske Ursin (The Cancer Registry of Norway) and Thorunn Rafnar (deCODE genetics, Island).