The network becomes national!

From January 1st 2019 the network expands from being a regional to a national network.

In mid-December The Regional Health Authority in Southern and Eastern Norway announced fundings for researchers and research networks. The regional network for breast cancer research, headed by Kristine Kleivi Sahlberg from Vestre Viken Health Trust, was awarded 4.5 million NOK. The funding will be used to facilitate research collaborations, workshops and support for clinical trials.

New name

In the application the network is described with an expansion from 7 to 12 member institutions located across Norway. This growth in member institutions is valid from January 1st 2019, and the new name for the network is National network for breast cancer research!

Equal access to clinical trials

One of the goals with expanding the network is to increase the research activity at all hospitals to ensure equal access for patients to clinical trials regardless of residency. In addition we envision even better breast cancer research by increasing the collaboration between researchers from more institutions.

We are looking forward to good collaboration on breast cancer research across the country in the future, and are pleased to have the patient organization Brystkreftforeningen in our network to strengthen the patient’s role.

Funding for individual projects

In addition to the network funding indiviual projects and researchers have also received funding from The Regional Health Authority in Southern and Eastern Norway. Three of our members will receive funding for their applications: Hege Elisabeth Giercksky Russnes for the project «Characterizing in time and space the metastatic process of hormone receptor positive breast cancer»,  Mads Haugland Haugen for the project «Protein signatures in breast cancer – creation of tomorrow’s predictive biomarkers in precision cancer medicine» and Inga Hansine Rye for the project «Sentinel Lymph Node in Breast Cancer- revealing the interaction between tumor subtype and host immune response». Congratulations!