Proliferation as prognostic factor for breast cancer

This is a retrospective study involving all patient diagnosed with breast cancer at the Stavanger University Hospital in between 1989-2004. For these patients we investigate whether proliferation (measured by Ki67, mitotic activity index, PPH3) is still the best prognostic factor as we have shown in a large Dutch cohort. Furthermore, we are investigating whether a combination of Ki67/PPH3 might be a good indicator for survival among the group of “triple negative breast cancer (TNBC)”, this is a collaboration with a group a Georgia State University. In collaboration with “Hospital de la Linea de la Concepcion (La Linea, South Spain)» we are investigating whether a difference in proliferation might be a biological explanation for the better survival from breast cancer observed in Spanish patients in comparison with Norwegian patients.

PI: Emiel Janssen, Stavanger University Hospital.