Sola Breast Cancer Meeting

All the participants at the 2017 Sola Breast Cancer Meeting.

The 4th Sola Breast Cancer Meeting was arranged in the end of April.

On 27th and 28th of April 2017, the fourth annual Sola Breast Cancer Meeting was organized by the department of Pathology at Stavanger University Hospital. Several members from the network actively participated at this meeting by presenting their work. Prof. Tone Bathen, NTNU, presented her extensive work on metabolomics and breast cancer subtyping. Dr. Kristine Sahlberg Kleivi presented both our research network and the latest results from the OSBREAC consortium on the integrative clustering of breast cancer based on an enormous amount of data from DNA copy number/mRNA expression profiles/PAM50/RPPA/microRNA profiling/Metabolic.

Prof. Mylin Torres from Emory University, Atlanta, USA, presented her data on the correlation between methylation, inflammation and fatigue in breast cancer patients after treatment.  Dr. Eikesdal presented preliminary data on the ongoing neoadjuvant trail called Petremac. Thomas Helland, Hormone laboratory, Haukeland, Bergen, presented data on the correlation between tamoxifen metabolites and long term survival while Dr. Bjørnar Gilje, Oncology, Stavanger, presented an update on their bone marrow study. The program also included presentation from the Department of pathology, Aarhus University Hospital and updates from the local Radiology department and the Prospective Breast Cancer Biobank.