Participation on workshop in Weggis

Members from the network went to Weggis for a breast cancer workshop.

Six researchers from the Department of Cancer Genetics participated in a workshop arranged by the European Network of Breast Development and Cancer Labs in Weggis 9-11. March 2017. Three posters were presented and one of the abstracts were in addition presented orally.

The three posters were presented by:

  • Inga Hansine Rye and Hege Russnes
    • Poster: Intra Tumour Heterogeneity Defines Subtypes of HER2 Positive Breast Cancer With Clinical Implication.
  • Helga Bergholtz and Therese Sørlie
    • Poster: Concurrent Mutations in Synchronous DCIS and Invasive Breast Cancer Assessed by targeted sequencing
  • Helga Bergholtz, Anna Polec, Jens Henrik Norum and Therese Sørlie
    • Poster and presentation: Molecular Characterization of MPA/DMBA Induced Mouse Mammary Tumors