Network meeting at Thorbjørnrud

Exciting reaserch results, new possibility for collaboration, and a grate visit to Hadeland glassverk.

Seventy of the network members attended the annual network meeting, giving updates on their reasersh and sharing their results, planning future research collaboration and new projects. Collaboration and exchanging of ideas is essential for high quality research and the annual network meeting facilitates this.

Guro Giskeødegård from NTNU presenting her work on   NMR-based  lipidomics.


International speakers Professor Boudewijn Burgering, from UMCU, and Johan-Vallon Christersson from Lund Universitet, presented dom very interesting work at the meeting. In addition many of he network members shared their result.  The program is available here.

We had a very nice excursion to Hadeland Glassverk. Where the members participated in a designe commotion, there was very many fantastic plate designes. The glass blowers chose their favorite plate and blew it for us. The winning plate was whit with the networks logo in the middle with flakes of real gold surrounding the logo. The gold surrounding the logo is in honor of breast cancer patient because they deserve the gold standard in cancer care.



Ellen Harris Utne leder fore «brystkreftforeningen» spoke to us about her struggles in coming back to work and how her employere was unable to accomoidate her needs after surviving breast cancer. Very many are unaware of the latent side effects that caused by the cancer.

Ellen Harris Utne – Brystkreftforeningen

We would like to thank all the members for a grate meeting!

From the left: Lilly Anne Torland network coordinator, Kristine Sahlberg network leader, Bjørn Namue deputy leader.