Network Meeting at Sola 2018

Interesting research results, new possibilities for cooperation and a surprising wildlife are the keywords from this year's network meeting.

Fifty members were gathered¬† at the network’s annual breast cancer meeting in September to update each other on their latest research results and plan further cooperation within the network. Cooperation and exchanging ideas are necessary to achieve strong research, and the annual network meeting is facilitating this.

Keynote speakers at the meeting, Dr.Med. Mangesh Thorat and Dr. Isaac Garcia-Murillas.

Mangesh Thorat, Deputy Director (Clinical), Barts Clinical Trials Unit at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, London, and Isaac Garcia-Murillas, Senior Scientific Officer, Division of Breast Cancer Research, Institute of Cancer Research, London, were invited as keynote speakers. Garcia-Murillas’ research includes Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) of circulating tumor DNA from liquid biopsies, and Thorat works on identifying biomarkers that can differentiate between aggressive and non-aggressive DCIS breast cancer.

In addition to the two invited speakers, all groups in the network presented their research activity and their latest research results. The full program can be found her.

To keep the tradition from the previous meetings, there was time in the program for a hike, this year on Sola Beach. And even the musk ox that normally lives in the mountains at Dovre made a guest appearance at the beach.

Unusual wildlife at Sola Strand.