Integrated Genomics – Oslo University Hospital

Our research aims at identifying molecular alterations important for a refined classification of breast cancer and is focused on exploring the systems biology of breast cancer. To reach this goal, several different aspects of breast cancer is studied:

  • Breast cancer evolution – from initiation to metastases
  • Multilevel characterization of breast cancer subtypes
  • Clinical impact of breast cancer subtypes

To address these questions, we use samples and information from large clinical trials and model systems including mouse models as well as in vitro cell cultures. Integration of molecular data at several levels, from tumor and healthy tissue is performed: Deep sequencing data from primary tumors and metastases, DNA and RNA profiling, protein and metabolite profiling.

We also lay strong emphasis upon development and establishment of new methodology; both laboratory procedures and computational tools.

Our group manages several large cancer research biobanks and we are involved in developing procedures for adequate sample collection, processing and storage for clinical trials.

PI, Hege G Russnes, MD, PhD, Project group leader. Photo: Studio E.

Co-PI Therese Sørlie, PhD, Group leader.

Group members:

Hege G. Russnes, MD PhD

  • Anita Langerød, PhD
  • Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale, professor emerita
  • Inga H. Rye, PhD
  • Arne V. Pladsen, Stud. Med/PhD student
  • Inger Riise Bergheim, MSc
  • Vibeke Olsen, MSc
  • Veronica Skarpeteig, MSc

Therese Sørlie, PhD

  • Tonje G Lien, PhD
  • Helga Bergholtz, Cand. vet.
  • Christian l. Fougner, MD
  • Hedda von der Lippe Gythfeld, MD

Affiliated members:

  • Ole Christian Lingjærde, Professor IFI (20%)
  • Anthony Matheliér, PhD (Group leader NCMM) (20%)
  • Lars Ottestad, MD, PhD (oncologist, 20%)