Clinical Breast Cancer Research Group – OUS

The research group runs research-initiated studies to develop new therapeutic strategies both for early breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer. This includes focus on all main breast cancer treatment modalities, their effect and side effects. In addition, participation in International multicenter trials is important, both to increase collaboration with international groups/researchers and to secure experience with treatment modalities in early phases. Our ongoing and future research activities have focus on how to further individualize breast cancer treatment, aiming at higher efficacy by better refinement of subgroups sensitive to a certain treatment, identification of new therapeutic targets and/or improved knowledge of optimal treatment of established therapeutic targets. Also, studies for better selection of patients who do not need systemic adjuvant treatment, as well as those who need alternative treatment strategies because of insufficiency of standard treatment approaches, – have high priority. Consequently, we focus on translational research which includes an important and close collaboration with several research groups. The research group includes specialist within breast cancer oncology, surgical oncology, late effects of oncological treatment, early phase clinical trials, breast radiology, breast pathology, molecular genetics, statistics and tumor biology.

Selected papers

Bjørn Naume, MD PhD, Co-PI of the network. Oslo University Hospital. Photo: Studio E.

Ellen Schlichting, MD PhD, Oslo University Hospital. Photo: Per Marius Didriksen.










Selected papers:

Group members:

  • Bjørn Naume, MD PhD, gruppeleder. Epost: bna(at)
  • Ellen Schlichting, MD PhD, gruppeleder. Epost: elschl(at)
  • Anna Alexandra Østgaard.
  • Anna Sætersdal, MD.
  • Anne Fangberget, MD.
  • Anne Renolen, MSc.
  • Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale, PhD.
  • Antoni Wiedlocha, MD PhD.
  • Cecilie Kiserud, MD PhD.
  • Elin Borgen, MD PhD.
  • Elsa Beraki, MSc.
  • Erik Løkkevik, MD.
  • Erik Wist, MD PhD.
  • Gry Årum Geitvik, MSc.
  • Hege Oma Ohnstad, MD PhD.
  • Hege Russnes, MD PhD.
  • Inger Schou Bredal, PhD.
  • Inger Thune, MD PhD.
  • Jon Amund Kyte, MD PhD.
  • Jon Håvard Loge, MD PhD.
  • Jon Lømo, MD PhD.
  • Kristin Andersen, PhD.
  • Kristin Reinertsen, MD PhD.
  • Kristine Kleivi Sahlberg, PhD.
  • Margit Riis, MD PhD.
  • Maria Fennefoss Dahlen.
  • Mette N. Stokke.
  • Mona Helene Hansen, PhD.
  • Olav Engebråten, MD PhD.
  • Ole Christian Lingjærde, PhD.
  • Sebastian Patzke, PhD.
  • Siri Helene Bertelsen Brandal, MD.
  • Steinar Åmdal, MD PhD.
  • Therese Sørlie, PhD.
  • Turid Danielsen, Dr. Philos.
  • Vessela Kristensen, PhD.
  • Vidar Flote, MD PhD.
  • Øystein Garred, MD PhD.