About the Network

The aim for the Regional Network for Breast Cancer Research is to enhance the cooperation between breast cancer researchers, with a goal of better diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. The research network is funded by The Regional Health Authority in Sourthern and Eastern Norway.

The research groups of the network. Illustration: Ellen Tenstad.

The network is a collaboration between ten research groups from seven different institutions.

  1. Clinical and Translational Breast Cancer Research
  2. Clinical Breast Cancer Research Group
  3. Functional Characterization and Preclinical Evaluation Group
  4. Genome Variation and Oncogenomics Group
  5. Micrometastasis Laboratory
  6. Biomedical Informatics Group
  7. Stavanger Breast Cancer Research Group
  8. Integrated Genomics
  9. MR Cancer Group
  10. Surgical breast cancer study group

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